Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween this year was a lot of fun, once again. Our costumes were awesome, for the fourth year in a row. So awesome, that I took too many pictures and then couldn't decide between them, so I posted almost all of them. Plus, I've been practicing my photography skills.

Hopefully you can figure out who we were from the pictures.

I designed and made Graham's Peter Pan costume from head to toe. I made patterns for the tights, cap, and shoes. The feather was tricky to attach into his little cap, but I figured it out!

Also, I apologize for going overboard with pictures of Graham. I just couldn't help it. He's the most precious baby boy I've ever seen! (Plus, I'm his mom... I'm supposed to go picture-crazy, right?)

My Tinkerbell costume was fun to wear. I thrifted the shoes (and glued the puff-balls onto them) and bought the wings. I made the dress by reworking two t-shirts and then using elastic and strips of tulle to make a tutu to go underneath it.

Bob made quite a fabulous and very handsome Captain Hook. Seriously, I'm so happy with how his costume came out. It was borrowed, bought, thrifted, and made by me and Bob.

How was your Halloween? What were your costumes?


  1. Haha, the one of captain hook creeping up on Robin is classic. These turned out great!

  2. Those costumes are darling, and you guys look great in them.

  3. Wow, you did an amazing job on the costumes! Very clever family costume idea. And all of the photos turned out amazing!! I didn't dress up this year. Just handed out candy with my family.

  4. this is too adorable! And your costumes are amazing :o !
    I was little red riding hood for halloween ^.^

    xoxo Grace

  5. These are amaaaaaaaazing!!!!! Your little boy is ridiculously cute. Aaaaawwwwh!!!!