Monday, June 25, 2012

Collage Girl

My craft room is currently overrun with stuff for projects I'm working on. 

The main project: decorations for my friend Stephanie's wedding. 
(There will be a fun post about that in the coming weeks. I'm also altering my own bridesmaid dress. There will probably be a post about that as well.) 

However, even when I can't see much of my table top, I try to prominently display my favorite item that always stimulates my creativity.

It's something I made thanks to my friend Lyssa, who is also super crafty. Often, she hosts a Crafternoon at her house and invites friends over to make a few crafts. My favorite one to date is this collage girl that I made. 

I love the shapes and color scheme and the papers' textures and prints. 

Lyssa has some fun mirror paint as well as some powdered copper paint. I'm absolutely in love with them!

Tutorial on this one to come! 
Keep your eyes open for it.