My Bucket List

30 things to do before I turn 30

1. serve a mission  San Antonio, Texas from June 2006- Dec 2008
2. get married  November 21, 2009 in San Diego, CA
3. have a baby  (or 2 or 3) Graham, born April 6, 2012
4. travel to the other side of the world  studied abroad in Singapore
5. get a DSLR  Canon Rebel XS, bought in February 2012
6. take up photography  I'm working on it!
7. graduate from college
8. live by the beach  San Diego (20 minutes from the beach), August 2011
9. start a crafty/professional/business blog  You're looking at it!
10. buy our first house
11. build my own piece of unique furniture
12. run a sewing/alterations business  from home, 2009-2011
13. make and sell jewelry  worked in a bead shop in 2004. Now see my Etsy shop.
14. start up my business in a physical location
15. re-learn how to play the piano
16. have a rockin' fauxhawk  June 2012, dyed fucshia
17. learn to surf  Bob taught me in June 2005
18. learn to snowboard  winter 2003
19. own a road bike  spring of 2009
20. compete in a triathlon  spring of 2009
21. become lead certified at rock climbing
22. own my own car  my name is on the title, August 2009
23. visit Niagra Falls  April 2006
24. visit both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean  Pacific- 2004, Atlantic- 2005
25. visit Europe
26. get good at Halo  2009-2010 (Ask my favorite guy friends. :D)
27. learn to blow glass  Stone and Glass, September 8, 2012
28. learn ceramics
29. paint a mural  summer of 2009
30. visit a tropical island for vacation

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