Monday, October 15, 2012

Lauren's Throw Pillow #1

One of my brothers and his wife recently bought their first house. It's really exciting for them. My sister-in-law just got some new furniture, including some gorgeous brown leather couches that are in need of some throw pillows. Naturally she called me. ( I really love when people think of me for needs/projects like this!)

She told me the colors she wants (emerald, sapphire, jewel tones) and that she's decorating with a peacock feather theme. She didn't exactly want peacock feathers on the throw pillows, but rather something more abstract. I really love the shapes and lines that peacock feather make. 

So I sketched up some ideas and went fabric shopping...

I even kind of made up my own sewing techniques to create this first one. Maybe they've been used before, but I've never seen or heard of anything quite like this.

I really like how this one came out.

I can't decide if I should add a button on the back or not. 

I'm excited to work on the other ideas for the rest of the throw pillows. 
What do you think? 

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