Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ear Vines

This morning I woke up to this:

What a treasure. 

On to my post for today...

I used to work at a bead shop in my hometown. I loved it there! Anytime I worked, everyone could count on me to be making something for the store to sell. It was such a dream come true while I lived there.

One item I made was inspired by something the owner had seen in a magazine. They were called "Ear Vines" and instead of dangling off your earlobe, they basically wrap up along your ear. (Google it--you'll see tons of different ones.)

The problem is everyone's ears are different. I made one set that fit me but not another girl who worked with me at the shop. Instead, I made some smaller ones that would fit nearly anyone. I've been meaning to make some more, so I'm planning another post or two showcasing some new ones I'll sell in the near future. [Keep your eyes peeled!]

Here are the ones I made back in the day. I still love and wear them often.

One of the cool features about these is that you don't need pierced ears to wear them. Mine aren't pierced, so I designed these ones specifically for me because of that.

I get compliments on these all the time still, even though they're now 8+ years old. 
I love them!


  1. Ah I love that first picture!! My little boy was born in April too and he sleeps in the cutest positions against his daddy, it's awesome :)

    Those earrings are a great idea, I do have my ears pierced but the last few times I wore any they itched a lot! I like that they are more decorative. Oh also, love your hair :)

    (ps- I replied to your comment on my "I Took Myself on a Date" post on Like a Bird :) )

    1. Having a baby boy has been so much fun--hard too, but so worth it! I'm glad you know what that's like too. I find that it just makes life sweeter.

      And I do like my hair too. I actually just got the style & color done last month. I was so anxious for something new, and this completely suits me, so THANK you!!