Monday, July 16, 2012

Pot-Holder First Aid Kit

This week for our annual church Young Women Camp, we're making sure our girls are prepared. One thing we had each of them make is a first aid kit. They're super easy to make and I think they're pretty cute, too.

For each kit you'll need:

a square potholder 
(we got ours at the dollar store)

6-10 snack sized ziplock bags
(use what you need according to the amount of supplies you want to go in it)

first aid supplies
(small or individually wrapped items are good--ointment, bandaids, gauze squares, latex gloves, hard candies, Q-tips, matches, duct tape, medical tape, ibuprofen, etc.)

a button

sewing machine, thread, & straight pins

You see how to do this, right? Well here are some tips:
  • Before you sew the bags on, make sure the loop on the potholder is on the side that the zippers are on so you can button it closed.
  • The bags are really slick, so pin them into place at the sides where you start and end sewing.  
  • Use a button that is big enough to hold it closed but small enough to fit though the loop.

It's pretty fun to flip through and see all of the supplies. I bet this would be great for other things too--a travel sewing kit, travel jewelry organizer, organizing buttons...

What else would you use one of these for?


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  3. Any tips sewing the bags? Our bags just ripped when we ran them through the machine.

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  5. Are those expensive baggies? I know some are very flimsy and prone to breakage.

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  7. Hearing aid supplies! Batteries, domes, filters, cleaning cloth, q-tips, drops... brilliant!!
    Thank you!!

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