Monday, July 9, 2012

Halter Vest

One of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear is my halter vest.

This is something no one else in the world has. Why? because I designed and made it. As if that doesn't make it unique enough, I used vintage wool that we found in perfect condition in my grandmother's attic after she passed away. (I have a lot of vintage fabric from her attic, and since I'm the one in our family who sews the most, just about all of it went to me. I am perfectly okay with that!)


Here are my favorite details about it:

the buttons

the faux pocket flaps 
(I kind of wish I'd made actual pockets in it, but they couldn't hold much anyway--it would be too bulky.)

the cute band across the back

the skinny, little lapels

the lining

Plus, I think it's pretty slimming. I wore this a lot before having a baby, and it's just started fitting me again.
Oh, happy day!

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  1. I was noticing its cuteness yesterday. The details are really neat.