Friday, July 20, 2012

Food on Friday: Cinnamon Rolls in a Dutch Oven

This past week, at Girls Camp, I didn't have to cook a single meal. I went as the craft leader. I basically planned out some fun and simple crafts for the young women to make during the week and helped them to complete them. (I'll be posting those next week!)

Every other year I've gone (which has been nearly every year since I was 12 years old) I've had to plan and/or prepare meals, on top of everything else that this week long camp entails.

However, since I just did the crafts and since I had Graham this year, I got to eat whatever our girls were making for meals. I had it pretty easy!

My favorite food at camp this year were the cinnamon rolls. Of course, the ones that come in a can are good (thank you, Pillsbury!). But somehow they quadruple in deliciousness when cooked in a dutch oven while camping. Just imagine if you made them from scratch and then cooked them in a dutch oven.... Mmm...

While we were planning camp over the last few months, I actually requested this for breakfast one morning. I'm so happy they went for it, because they were amazing!

What's your favorite dutch oven treat?

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