Monday, July 30, 2012

Girls Camp: Camp Journals

This year at Girls Camp we wanted to give each of our young women a journal. But we wanted it to be something they would want to keep and actually use--not just this year but in the years to come to.

So we got these very small spiral-bound notebooks for them. They're small enough to fit inside backpacks or hiking day-packs or even a purse. We also wanted the girls to be able to decorate them and personalize them. And then we had the idea to insert some important pages into them. So we included a page for each girl's name, a short letter from us leaders, the church Young Women Theme, and then some information for this year's camp--like the schedule and the list of charms they could earn for their charm necklace.

I brought all of the spare ribbon that I have. That was kind of a lot. Then we let each girl use it however she wanted to decorate her journal.

I love the fringed look that tying it on to the spiral gives. Here's mine.

Such a simple and yet easy way to personalize these camp journals!

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