Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Converting to Clip-Ons

My ears are not pierced. They never have been. And I doubt if they ever will be.

I've been a bridesmaid in two weddings so far this year, and it's funny (although not surprising) to me that I received earrings for pierced ears to wear with my attire for each wedding. Don't get me wrong--I'm not complaining because I LOVE earrings and I do prefer to make them into clip-ons myself if I have the option. And let's face it. As a bride, the last thing they were each thinking about was, "Well, I sure do hope that Janae's ears are pierced..." So I'm really not offended or hurt by this generous, albeit somewhat ironic, gesture.

So, for my cousin Jennie Ray's wedding, one of her accent colors was gold. Each bridesmaid got a set of these gorgeous gold filigree flowers with crystal rhinestones set over the front.

I went to The Bead Fairy and found a small but decent selection of clip-on findings. As I was looking, I had an idea. I looked through the Swarovsky crystals, and it suddenly all came together in my head.

I chose the earring clips that something could be glued into, however I didn't have time for glue to dry and set completely before the wedding (thanks to traveling so last-minute and helping the bride with some last minute wedding needs). I didn't have all of my jewelry tools either (again, thanks to last-minute travel).

But I knew that my brother, whose family my husband and I were staying with for the trip, had lots and lots of tools and had to have something small enough that would work for what I needed. He did, even if it was a some-what unorthodox way of punching a tiny hole through the top part of the clip-on...

Anyway, here's the final outcome.

I was also 8 months pregnant for her wedding. (And for the record, I do not recommend taking a normally 12 hour road trip at 8 months pregnant! It turns into an 18 hour road trip.)

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