Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts: Some things I may be guilty of.

I may have started following too many other blogs at once.
I may have gotten behind on my projects to make and post about.
I may have ignored my sweet 4-month-old son more than once due to obsessing over my blog.
I may be jealous of other bloggers who have 124 comments on a single post.
I may wonder about what I'm doing wrong that I don't have more followers.
I may feel defeated since blogging feels so much more fulfilling when others comment on my posts.
I may have a hard time staying organized in my in-law's house & it affects all other aspects of my life.
I may have given up on one or two things blogging-related because I'm out of energy 80% of the time.
I may be doubting myself and if I can really be a successful blogger.
I may have ignored the pile of clothes in the corner of my bedroom because blogging was the priority.
I may need to take a break already.

Really, I need to blog for me again. How did I stop doing that? I've only been doing this for a couple of months. Seriously, self?

It's silly that my self esteem can be so dependent on some strangers that I've never met and all I want is for them to think I'm amazing because of my writing and photographs and crafty skills. What have I turned into?

If you asked my brothers and parents, they'd tell you that I've always been a little odd annoying weird unique. I rarely show if I care what others think of me. I'll wear and say what I want because it's true or honest to myself. Why am I suddenly so desperate to get the approval of others?

*le sigh*

So I'm going to try this again. 

Here's the main purpose of my blog: 
I need to have a place to document my crafts and hobbies.
I need to craft and hobby because it's therapy for me.

And some potential perks that I need to not be so worried about:
If others think my content is good and want to follow me.
If I can one day earn money from my blog.
If I'll be the next Ree Drummond.

I'm going to be true to myself and recommit to doing this for me... Again.

Besides, how can I let anything be a higher priority than this spunky family?

Yes, we all have the same hairstyle.

So here I go again...
My latest project will hopefully help me to stay true to myself and my goals.
You'll see why on Monday.


  1. I know the feeling. I get down on myself all the time about not having more followers/views/comments. It's frustrating and it takes me a while to wise up and realize that those are not the things I should be focusing on! Oh and I LOVE the picture of you and your fam! Seriously the hair is amazing.

  2. Thanks, Genna! It's nice to know that I at least have a handful of genuine readers. It keeps me accountable for the goals I rededicate myself to reaching, like these ones today. And I'm glad you love this photo of my family. I sure do too. :)

  3. I just have to say that Ree Drummond didn't need the money. Her husband makes a fortune with the ranch. I have found that other bloggers get the word out about their own blogs by sharing a link to their blog with every post they make...on other blogs lol. I don't know if you are doing that already but it's a thought. No worries though...Ree Drummond started out just like you and it took her YEARS to get the following she has. Besides all you have to do is look at that handsome boy of yours and snorgle him. You will feel much better every time!

    1. Courtney, thanks for reminding me about what's really important--my son. I really do just look at him and forget about everything else sometimes (even my sweet husband occasionally!). I've been following and commenting on other blogs, as well as posting on social media sites. It's just kind of tiring sometimes. And when I get worn out doing that I forget why I started this blog in the first place, which leads to posts like this one... So sometimes I'll slack off in those areas of the blogging world to keep my sanity, because I need to be a higher priority than whatever strangers (or long-time friends) there are who follow my blog (no offense to any of my readers, but you won't have posts from me if I'm not being myself, so I am kind of important to this here blog). Speaking of my son, it's time to play with the little monster... :)

  4. I wish my family picture was as spunky as yours!! But I could never pull off your hair... Don't worry, we like YOU. Write what you want and we'll read it. (and thats coming from a newbie here!!)