Monday, August 13, 2012

Converting to Clip-Ons, Again

I mentioned that I was in two weddings so far this year in an earlier post and that I got earrings for pierced ears from both brides.

For my good friend Stephanie's wedding, she gave each bridesmaid a couple of sets of coordinating earrings and let us choose which ones to wear. One was a set of elegant pearl studs, another was a set of stunning rhinestone and pearl dangles. Since I had just chopped my hair off and it was styled into a fuchsia fauxhawk for her wedding, I decided to go with the dangling earrings to add a little extra femininity to myself for the occasion.

Now, when it comes to earrings, I abhor the cheap, gaudy clips that are sold in bulk from craft stores. They're awful! They're bulky, and HUGE on my dainty little earlobes, and they ruin the look of any earring. If I can't find something nice from a locally owned bead shop, I like to go into stores like Claire's, find a few sets of clip on earrings that are broken, buy them discounted, and use the clips from those. The clips on earrings from stores like those tend to be smaller, shinier, and all-around prettier. They're usually just silver plated (because sterling silver is pricey), but I'm okay with that and so is my skin. 

So I looked at my earrings that I had bought from stores like those for occasions like this, and found a set that worked out nicely. The shape of the rhinestones doesn't exactly match, but it's not that noticeable for how quick of a fix this was (since it was the morning of the wedding when I fixed them--I had only received them the night before!).

Simple and elegant. 
I still like them and wear them on occasion!

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  1. Very pretty, and you can't even tell that they're clip-ons.