Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Gifts

I really enjoy weddings. Whether I'm in the wedding party or just a plus-one, I love to see how different and personalized they are to each couple.

Bob's friends (who are now my friends too) Tim and Danielle got married recently. They're a bit of an unorthodox couple, and like them, their wedding was nothing short of unconventional.

When Bob and I got married, we loved getting wedding gifts. But I hated all the wrapping paper and gift bags we were left with. There was so much garbage because of it. So I like to try to get gifts that can be put together in such a way that I don't have to actually wrap it.

Another thing I appreciated when we got married was when we were given gifts from our registry. If we registered for it, we wanted it! What I hated was when we were given whatever kind of random gift someone wanted to give us. I hope that doesn't sound selfish. But I hate for someone to waste their money on something that will never get used. It's practically like throwing that amount of money in the garbage can.

In light of those two experiences, as well as considering our budget, Bob and I decided to get Tim and Danielle a few things from their registry that could basically be wrapped with itself.

Here's what we bought.
Place mats. Kitchen towels. A matching serving spoon and slotted spoon.

Here's how I wrapped it up.

I love that I can see my upside down reflection in the serving spoon.

Do you feel the same way about gifts and registries? Have you ever "wrapped" a gift in itself like this before?


  1. I love that present idea! And it's presentation is so lovely and polished! I need to be that crafty more. It is so easy most of the time to just put it in a gift bag and call it good. But this makes it look so easy and cute!

    1. Thanks Katrina! It is easy and cute to do stuff like this! You just have to stop and think about it for a minute. I'm glad I could inspire you a little bit. Thanks for stopping by and reading!