Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby Blessing Bracelets

I love baby showers. Well, what I really love is making cute gifts for baby showers. Something unique I love making for baby girls are what I call Blessing Bracelets.

In my religion, we don't baptize infants. We do, however, pronounce a special blessing or prayer over them after they're born. It's something to officially put their names into the church records as well as offer spiritual guidance for their lives from the beginning. I love baby blessings and have always found them quite special.

Traditionally, when a baby is blessed, they're dressed in white. It's not required, and if they're not wearing white it truly doesn't make a difference. It's just something symbolic many people do.

For Graham, I partially made and partially bought a little white suit/tuxedo for him to wear when Bob blessed him. It was a really special day.

Baby Graham at 2 months old. I love that his hair is the same
color as Bob's tie, and also that it's blowing madly in the wind.

It has been a long morning for the poor boy and he was ready for a nap. But this was the first time he'd cried all day! We were proud of how well he'd behaved up until this point. Heck, even here you can see what proud parents we are!
(Also, I was looking dang good for just having a baby two months prior!)

For girls, I like to make these Blessing Bracelets for them to wear when they are blessed. For my friends I tend to make two--one that is just white freshwater pearls and one that has some color in it as well.

So for my friend Michelle, who is having a baby girl this winter, I made her a set of these bracelets. One was all white freshwater pearls, and the other was white freshwater pearls and rose colored Swarovsky crystals.

I love these so much, and they are so sweet and adorable. Little girls are so fun to dress up, and these bracelets are the perfect little accent to many outfits, not only for baby blessings.

If you like these, please go check out the ones I have for sale in my Etsy store!

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