Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pretty Little Mess Kit Bag

This week for Girls Camp, each young woman needs a mess kit for eating meals. Just about any reusable bowl, plate, cup, fork, and spoon will do. But they need a mesh bag to hold it all in, and almost none of our girls have one.

I decided the girls could each make their own if they needed one.

The bag should be a material that will allow the dishes to dry, either mesh or something like it. I have a closet full of fabric, so I was pretty certain that I'd have something that would work.

Oh, did I ever!!

I have yards and yards of this polyester black lace. It's horrible and I'd never use it for clothing. It's really only good for a tablecloth or crafts. And I seriously have tons of it. I'm happy to get rid of some!

So I made myself a bag just to practice.
It turned out SO cute!

When I brought it as a sample to show the girls last week for our Wednesday night activity, they all wanted one, whether they needed one or not! Everyone loved it. So we got to work cutting, sewing, and stringing ribbon through to tops.

These are perfect for this week of camp, because after our dishes are washed, we can load them back into the bags, hang them up, and they'll dry in no time! Plus, they're super adorable and can be used for countless other things after camp.


  1. those are awesome! i wonder if you can bleach the fabric and then dye it a different color? i don't know much about polyester but then at least you could have some colorful lace options instead of just having a ton of black lying around!

  2. That's a great idea! And even if it doesn't beach to white, it might have a cool side effect and be orangy or pinkish... If it works I just might post about it. Thanks!