Monday, September 3, 2012

Amber's Bracelet

I love to make wedding jewelry. I wish I had pictures of all the jewelry I've made for brides and bridesmaids. But I don't. It's probably because I haven't thought of documenting it all until the last year or two. Which is a shame for everything I can't track down and photograph.

Like the tiara I did for one bride. She had her grandmother's old and broken jewelry set of crystals and pearls, brought them into the bed shop I was working at, and the owner directed her to me (which was so flattering to my teenage self). She wanted them made into a tiara for her wedding. So I made them into a tiara. I'd never made one before. But I knew I could do it.

So I did. And it was gorgeous.

I still have my wedding jewelry. Yes, I made my own jewelry, even if I didn't make my own gown like I'd dreamed of doing my whole life (when you find the right dress, you find the right dress... what can I say?) And I have the photos my photographer took of me wearing those pearls. But that'll be another post for another day.

Anyway, when my friend Amber started dating this wonderful-in-every-way, tall, dark, and handsome gentleman, I was expecting the relationship to turn into a marriage. And it did. We all suspected that it would.

One day a couple of weeks before the big day, I asked if she had wedding jewelry. Her eyes got huge and she said, "Wedding jewelry?!" Obviously with all of the moving, planning, working, planning, and smitten daydreaming going on in her life, it had slipped her mind.

I smiled, point to myself and said, "Helllllooo," with a smile.

Of course I'd make her something--whatever she wanted. She did find some earrings she liked from David's Bridal. She asked if I could make them. You know, I probably could have come close, but I told her that she might as well buy them if they're exactly what she wanted. So she did (and it didn't hurt my feelings--it's her wedding, not mine, after all). And then she asked if I'd make a bracelet to match.

So I did. And once again, it was gorgeous.

And it matches the earrings perfectly!!

I love using drop pearls. They have such a unique look when strung together. Add in the playfulness and eye-catching brilliance of crystals and you've got a perfect balance with the elegance and sophistication of pearls.

I found these vintage Swarovsky balls of crystals at a bead shop in La Mesa called The Bouncing Bead.

One of my favorite details to add to any wedding jewelry is to put a heart-shaped clasp on. I found this one at a bead shop in Old Town called Lost Cities. Isn't it a lovely little touch?

And Amber make a beautiful bride. I'm so happy for her!


  1. That bracelet is beautiful! You did a great job.

  2. I want one!!! I LOVE drop pearls!!

    1. April, me too! I'm selling a few in my Etsy shop and I'll be giving one away on a friend's blog in a couple of weeks. Her blog is and I'll be sure to make a mention of the giveaway in a post here when it starts. Thanks for reading!