Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts: A Little Space

Things have been really.... bipolar lately. I'm not sure how else to put it.

One day is great and I'm really productive and life feels great. The next I'm exhausted and get nearly nothing done and I feel like I'm at my wit's end. And sometimes I feel all of that in a single day.

Welcome to motherhood, right?

This week has been tough. Between living with my in-laws and trying to control my head-strong domestic instincts (since this isn't my house and I can't just reorganize everything and get rid of half of the stuff that I think is useless). I miss cooking. I honestly don't do it much now since I can't use the kitchen most days because the counter is perpetually cluttered with who-knows-what kind of plumbing materials, papers, old dirty dishes, and cold food that's been sitting out for too long.


I want to eat healthy foods. I miss healthy food. I miss having the space to cook most days. I miss having an organized kitchen so that cooking is easy and enjoyable. It's such a chore now-days. I still love to do it, so I still do occasionally. But it's frustrating and difficult beyond what is necessary.

My food on Friday posts may be posted a little later some days. That goes for all of my posts, actually. They'll still be posted, they just might be done in the afternoon... or evening... or around 10pm.

My family and my sanity come first. So if that means posts published later, then that's what will happen.


  1. Don't worry, we'll hang around!! Keep getting your joy from the things that will never let you down :)
    (I feel your non-cooking pain!!)

    1. Thanks, April. You're a sweetheart. You (and a small handful of others) sure make me want to keep posting. Thank you, thank you!