Monday, September 24, 2012


I've always been interested photography. One of my brothers got an SLR camera when I was in middle school (before DSLRs existed) and I have been jealous ever since. I never really let anyone know how truly interested I was in it. If I had I probably would have gotten into it sooner.

I finally bought my first DSLR from a friend of mine who is not only a lovely lady, but shes also a fabulous photographer. She took some maternity photos for me and I love how they turned out!

A shot from that photo shoot.

I also really love the camera I bought. It's a Canon Rebel XS. It's a really great first DSLR for a beginner like me.

I've been teaching myself how to use it. I've tried to avoid using the auto mode as much as possible and it's paying off. I'm getting the hang of shooting in RAW format, adjusting the aperture timing and the ISO, along with the white balance, and occasionally learning how to manually focus the lens. It's a lot of fun!

I offered to guest post on Jennifer's blog recently, and when I asked what she'd like me to post about she requested food photography. I was honored and flattered that she thought so highly of my photos! I did, however, think it was an ironic coincidence that the day before my guest post went up my camera stopped working.


I took it in to a repair shop to have it maintenanced because I think I know what the problem is. Hopefully it's just a simple procedure and won't cost me too much. I'll find out today or tomorrow when they call me after having a look inside.

Anyway, it looks like I'll be using my husband's old point-and-shoot camera for a couple of weeks until that one hopefully gets fixed. By the way, his camera's display screen doesn't work because I cracked it when I wrecked on my snowboard  But I'll try to take quality photos anyway. It just makes me kind of sad that I have to downgrade since I've steadily been getting so proficient at using my Canon Rebel. Just a heads-up for you.

Go and check out my guest post on Jennifer's blog. I wrote and demonstrated some tips about photographing food. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Also, I did take family portraits for a friend a couple of months ago. I think it turned out great for my first one! Have a look at my Facebook page if you'd like to see it. It was a lot of fun. I could definitely get used to being a professional photographer.

I hope you don't hate me for not having anything crafty for today. I just got back in town from a 10-day road trip a couple of days ago, and what with my camera, Graham's now haywire sleeping patterns, unpacking, and getting ready for a ridiculously busy week ahead of us, this is the best I could muster up for today.

Plus, I really am proud of that guest post. I'll basically make it my own post for today (because I love myself enough to take it a little easy since I both need and deserve it right now). But you'll need to go and read it on Jennifer's blog.

I hope you have a great week. Mine will be exhausting and my sleep deprivation will continue on due to this kid.

It's a good thing I love him and he's ridiculously adorable, otherwise I wouldn't put up with it.


  1. Thank you so much for guest posting! You did a beautiful job and I can't wait to have you back again. Maybe a fall recipe to share? :)

  2. Hi, I found your blog after reading the fab guest post mentioned above. Love finding other pregnant bloggers too! I'm following.Rx